District Attorney Kicks and Screams During DUI Charge

Austin District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg was caught on camera kicking and making faces after being charged with DUI. INSIDE EDITION has more.

A woman making faces and kicking the door of her jail cell was no ordinary prisoner in custody on a DUI charge. Believe it or not, she's the District Attorney.

That's right. 63-year-old Rosemary Lehmberg is the D.A. in the Texas state capital of Austin. She was staggering when she was given a field sobriety test, caught on dash cam.

Lehmberg told officers at the scene, "If you want to take me to jail, take me to jail. And you're going to ruin my career and that's fine."

D.A. or not, cops did the right thing and arrested her. She was incredibly disruptive at the police precinct—struggling, kicking, making faces. She even pointed a finger like it was a gun. Then, the D.A. was put in a restraining chair and made to wear a spit mask.

Lehmberg asked one of the officers in the precinct, "Do you know what you are doing?"

"Yes. Ma'am. We've asked you plenty of times to stop kicking the door and you didn't stop kicking the door," replied the officer.

Lehmberg has been D.A. since 2009. She was sentenced to 45 days in jail, the stiffest sentence ever given for a first time DUI in Travis County, Texas. Now, her job is on the line. She's in civil court fighting an attempt to remove her from office.

Surprisingly, HLN host Nancy Grace, a former prosecutor herself is expressing support for the D.A.

Grace told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd, "I think she should be given another chance. I really do. I know that everyone imagined I would be screaming for her scalp. I don't feel that way. I think alcoholism is a sickness," said Grace.

Boyd asked, "When you see her actions back at the police station, the way she conducted herself has a lot of people saying that she's got to go!"

"If she's got to spend a night behind bars? Do it. If she's got to go pick up trash on the side of the street, fine. But this seems like a witch-hunt," said Grace.