News from the 2010 MTV Movie Awards

The Twilight Saga: New Moon won five awards and Tom Cruise stole the show with his hip-hop dance routine, but the night belonged to Sandra Bullock. INSIDE EDITION reports on the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.  

Sandra Bullock returned to the spotlight in a big way. She made a triumphant comeback at the MTV Movie Awards.
It was obvious everyone was on Team Sandra. She got a standing ovation that went on so long she tried to shut everyone up.

"Sit down...We're on a time limit here people!" she said.

Her friend Betty White was there with Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johansson to give Bullock the night's highest honor, the Generation Award.

Bullock looked drop-dead gorgeous in a sexy and short sparkly black mini with an open back showing lots of skin, something that didn't go unnoticed by White!
"Honey don't ever wear that dress backwards," she warned.

It was actually Bullock's second weekend public appearance. 24 hours earlier she made a surprise appearance at Spike TV's Guy's Choice Awards.
The hot topic on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet was Bullock, and all the celebrities were talking about her return.

"I love Sandra Bullock, I've always been a huge fan of her," Paris Hilton told INSIDE EDITION.

Actress Vanessa Hudgens said, "I adore that woman so much," and her boyfriend Zac Efron added, "I am excited for her."
On stage, Bullock said it was time to move forward from the drama of the last few months.

"Can we please get back to normal because therapy is really expensive...Go back to making fun of me," she said.

Bullock was also nominated for Best Kiss for her smooch with Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal. Reynolds couldn't make it, so in his place, Bullock kissed his wife, Johansson, and got one of the biggest audience reactions of the night!
And the two actresses not only shared a kiss, they also share a cause: the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

"I mean it's a disaster of epic proportion...I think it's a global tragedy really," Johansson told INSIDE EDITION on the red carpet.

And Bullock told the audience, "I think when we all go to bed tonight we should think about all the people being affected in the Gulf and just say a prayer for them."
Tom Cruise stole the show with a hip-hop dance, reprising his role as Les Wiseman, the super-obnoxious producer from Tropic Thunder. It got even better when Jennifer Lopez joined in.

The night's biggest winner was The Twilight Saga: New Moon. The movie took home five awards, including Best Movie and Best Kiss.

But the night will be definitely be remembered for the return of Sandra Bullock.