Fit Mom Reveals Bulimic Past

Maria Kang, the fit mom who took a lot of flack for showing off her buff body, is now speaking to INSIDE EDITION saying she used to be overweight.

Maria Kang is the fit mother of three who enraged so many people with a bold Facebook challenge: “What's your excuse?" for not having a perfect body?

But now, brace yourself for the hot mom when she was not so perfect.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent asked, "You were once what you consider to be overweight?"

Kang said, "I was 155 pounds at my heaviest! It wasn't a healthy place for me to be."

Kang is curvy but definitely chunky in a swimsuit shot from 2007. She was battling an eating disorder.

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She said, "I was bulimic for several years, and then I ended up gaining weight and my metabolism was shot, and I couldn't lose weight for several years."

She packed on the pounds with each of her pregnancies.

"I gained the same weight with all my children, 35 to 40 pounds," she said.

But with diet and exercise, Kang whipped herself into amazing shape for a mother of three small children and caught a lot of heat for bragging about it.

Trent said, "I think people think back to that commercial where the woman says, 'Don't hate me because I’m beautiful.'”

Kang said, "Don't hate me because I’m beautiful! Love yourself because you are beautiful."

So, the hot mom knows what it's like not to be perfect!