More Bombshell Revelations In Nigella Lawson Trial

More bombshell accusations of cocaine use have come to light in the trial of domestic goddess Nigella Lawson. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Bombshell accusations came on Friday involving celebrity chef Nigella Lawson. Her former assistants claim the domestic goddess lied about her cocaine use.

Last week, she admitted she has used the drug seven times in her life, but said she does not have a drug problem.But in testimony on Friday, her assistant, Elisabetta Grillo claims Lawson used cocaine "like every three days” and left a trail of white powder through her house.

NBC's Michelle Kosinski is covering the trial outside London. She spoke to INSIDE EDITION and said, “She said, 'Look, I saw an empty packet on the toilet with white powder in it. Inside Nigella's desk, where she would write her books, where I would sit sometimes and use the computer, in the drawer, I would see several rolled up bills with white powder on them. I would see white powder in other places.' She basically was saying, 'Look, I am not stupid. I am not naive. I know what that was, and it was cocaine.'"

The assistants, Elisabetta Grillo and her sister Francesca, are accused of spending more than $1 million of Lawson and her ex-husband, Charles Saachi's money to buy expensive shoes and clothes. They claim they were allowed to spend freely in exchange for their silence about Lawson’s alleged drug use.