Chris Christie Under Fire Over 'Bridgegate'

One of the nation's busiest bridges in New York City was snarled with traffic for days and Chris Christie is at the center of the controversy. INSIDE EDITION has more.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the leading contender for the 2016 republican presidential nomination, is coming under fire for allegedly deliberately causing a massive traffic jam.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to local residents. One resident said, "I was very angry." Another said, "This was beyond anything we've ever endured here."

The controversy centers on the George Washington Bridge, the busiest span in the nation used by tens of thousands of commuters every day driving into Manhattan.

The George Washington Bridge was gridlocked for four straight days back in September. Why would any public official order a traffic study during the absolute worst time of the day—the morning rush hour? But that's just what Governor Christie's political crony did, shutting down lanes and backing up traffic that turned the streets into a giant parking lot.

People are calling the alleged purpose incredibly obnoxious to create a traffic nightmare for the mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey for not endorsing Christie's re-election.

Christie is swinging back and denied the allegations today, saying, "I don't have any recollection of ever having met the mayor of Fort Lee in my four years. I may have at some Bergen County event or something. He was not somebody that was on my radar screen in any way."

Normally, it's a 30 minute commute. But on the days in question, it turned into a four-hour gridlock nightmare. 

"Perhaps it was retribution. Or maybe it was sheer stupidity. A third explanation is that it was both dumb and nasty," said one New York Times columnist.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper said, "National democrats have taken aim and are now talking about Governor Chris Christie's connection to this controversy."

The political crony who ordered the traffic study, David Wildstein went to high school with Christie. He has resigned.

Christie said at a press conference, "National democrats will make an issue about everything about me, so get used to the new world everybody. We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy."