Stepping Into A Corset, And Another Era

INSIDE EDITION spoke to one woman who is turning back time and transforming her body with a corset.

Sarah Chrisman looks like she's stepped right out of the Victorian era, but for her it isn't dress up, it is her actual life.

She even wears a corset, the slimming undergarments women wore more than 100 years ago.

“It really opened my eyes and opened the door to exploring this whole culture and other world,” she said.

After wearing a corset for more than a year, she incredibly dropped 10 inches from her mid-section and now her waist measures a tiny 19 inches.

She showed us a corset and said, “This is my smallest corset and this one is actually a 19 incher.”

Sarah and her husband Gabriel, a graduate of Library Science, decided to fully embrace 19th century living. Despite their modern day surroundings in Port Townsend, Washington, they dress in antique clothes.

Watch The Segemnt of Sarah's Story

Gabriel rounds out his look with gold rimmed spectacles and sunglasses from the 1850's. Sarah doesn't have a driver’s license so they often get around on their 19th century bicycles. At home, they avoid electricity, instead using kerosene to light a space heater and lanterns.
She said, “There's no passport for traveling through time, unfortunately, so, I do my best.”
Sarah is the author of Victorian Secrets, What A Corset Taught Me About the Past, the Present, and Myself. She wrote it, of course, using her dipping pen from the 1890's. Nothing is too authentic for a couple stuck in another time.