Skepticism Over BP's Failure to Solve Crisis

In an effort to try to solve the problem in the Gulf, have workers actually made the spill worse?  INSIDE EDITION talks to an expert who is part of the government's advisory team working on the disaster.

It's the question swirling around BP's desperate attempts to plug the oil leak.

"Something just doesn't add up here," Robin Roberts said on Good Morning America.

Have the repair efforts actually made the disaster even worse?

As BP continues to siphon off oil from the spill, it's being claimed that one of the oil giant's earlier attempts, the so-called "top kill," was counterproductive.

"The top kill failed and made things worse," Dr. Ira Leifer said.

Leifer is a researcher at the University of California in Santa Barbara.  "The top kill did sandblast the inside of the pipes.  If you clean the pipes in your house, the water flows more freely, the oil's going into the Gulf more freely because of this fix."

Both BP and the government agree it's very difficult to estimate just how much oil is spilling out of the crippled well.

Donald Trump is also weighing in on BP's repair efforts.  He was being honored at an event sponsored by Gray Line New York on Tuesday.

Trump said, "If they were on The Apprentice right now they'd be fired, they'd be fired very quickly."

A congressional committee is looking into the spill. Testifying Tuesday, the brother of one of the workers who died in the original oil rig accident had an emotional message for BP CEO Tony Hayward.

Hayward has come under fire for saying wants his life back.  In response, the brother said, "Mr. Hayward, I want my brother's life back."