Is Wynonna Judd Spying On Sister Ashley?

Ashley Judd is accusing her big sister of spying on her after a GPS device was found in Ashley's car. INSIDE EDITION explains.

It's Judd vs. Judd! Ashley Judd is accusing her big sister, Wynonna, of spying on her.

Ashley claims a mechanic, working on her Mini Cooper, found a GPS tracking device attached to the under carriage. She notified local police in Franklin, Tennessee and they traced the device back to a private detective who was hired by Ashley’s own sister, country music superstar Wynonna Judd.
The tracking device is straight out of movies and in TV shows like Breaking Bad.

Security expert Lou Palumbo showed INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander how it worked.

Palumbo said, “You simply affix this to the undercarriage of the car, to the metal frame. This little GPS locator will give the whereabouts of this vehicle on your computer, your iPad, your smart phone."

Alexander asked, “It is that easy?

Palumbo said, “That easy. You can basically be home and watch TV and determine where someone is with this vehicle at any given moment."

So why would Wynonna spy on Ashley?

Watch More Of Palumbo Discuss How Easy It Is To Install A Tracking Device

The sisters are embroiled in an 'ongoing custody dispute" over Wynonna’s 17-year-old daughter, Grace.

Apparently, according to a police report obtained by INSIDE EDITION, Wynonna believed her 17-year-old daughter, Grace, would be driving the Mini Cooper and planted the device in order to keep tabs on her daughter and not to spy on Ashley.

The Judd sisters have had a stormy relationship over the years, but Ashley was in the audience cheering for her sister when she competed on Dancing with the Stars last season.