Holiday Cards Go Viral On Video

Cards are old school, videos are the new holiday cool. A former member of the INSIDE EDITION family is just one of the many families going viral with their holiday greetings video.

Holiday greetings are reaching a whole other level. If you're still sending out old fashioned Christmas cards, it's time to up your game.

That's what the Holderness family of Raleigh, North Carolina did, rapping about their year to the beat of Will Smith's "Miami" all while wearing Christmas jammies. The video has gone viral with more than one million views in just five days.

Now, mom Kim may look familiar to you. She's actually part of the INSIDE EDITION family. Kim Dean was a longtime reporter for the show, covering everything from red carpets to hard news, until 2007 when she decided to focus on her family. These days, Kim and husband Penn run their own video production and marketing company.

INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville asked Kim, "Where did the idea come from?

Kim said, "We could not get a good picture of them (the kids). They could not sit still. So, we thought, hey!"

Watch More Of Kim Dean Talk About Making Her Family Video

The family isn't alone in trying to shake up your typical holiday greeting. The Brushwood family from Austin shot a time-lapse video of their happy holidays message. And the Slade family actually built a rotating set outside their Arizona home so they could pull off a special effect of them climbing on the ceiling.

The greeting card industry will make $8 billion this year. But it looks like the next big thing is holiday videos.

If you're thinking of shooting your own, take a lesson from Kim and Penn and make nothing off limits.

Norville asked, "What's advice do you have for people who actually want to do this?"

Kim suggests, "Really try to focus on finding the emotion. So, finding something really funny and ridiculous. And if you think your video may go viral, don't wear horizontal stripes."