Shannon Price Booted from Her House!

Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price says she has been locked out of the house she shared with Diff'rent Strokes star.  INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Gary Coleman's ex-wife has been booted from her house!

Shannon Price is said to be "devastated" that she was kicked out of the home she shared with Coleman in Utah.   

"Shannon cannot even get into her own home now," her spokeswoman says. She has reportedly moved into a new house.

As if the lock out wasn't bad enough, Shannon is now coming under fire for allegedly selling "death photos" of the Diff'rent Strokes star.

Published reports claim Shannon has sold 4 photos of Coleman to the Globe, a supermarket tabloid, for five figures. The shots are said to show Coleman in the hospital on his deathbed with his body riddled with tubes.  One photo was even reportedly taken after he was pronounced dead.  

The View's Sherri Shepherd said, "That you were selling pictures of this man on his death bed is absolutely despicable." 

"Shannon should not have taken those pictures.  She certainly not be selling them if she is, and if she knows who' s buying them she should try to get those things back," an angry Todd Bridges, Coleman's Diff'rent Strokes co-star spoke out to Radar Online.

Bridges said, "I could never take pictures if my wife was dying, of her dying or of her dead.  And then sell them to somebody or show them to somebody!  That's insane.  Are you that mad at him that you would do this to him?"

Shannon's rep responded to the photo controversy saying "All I can say is that Shannon wasn't happy about it and not quite sure how they came out."  
And the hospital where Coleman died also released a statement saying their staff "was not involved in taking any photos of Mr. Coleman.  No pictures are taken by hospital staff of any patient without patient or family permission."

Victor Perillo, a spokesman for Coleman's parents, says he's outraged, whoever is responsible.

"I'm disgusted with it, and they are despicable.  And I think that the person that sold them and the person that published them are lacking of conscience," Perillo said.