Partying Teens Ravage Multi-Million Dollar Mansion

While the owner of a sprawling mansion was away, teenagers from the area broke in for a wild party that left the home in a shambles. INSIDE EDITION spoke to the owner.

A magnificent 9,000 square-foot mansion used to be party central and the scene of wild happenings.

It was a ritzy playground that rivaled the Playboy Mansion. Booze flowed freely and bikini-clad women danced by the pool.

The estate, valued at $21 million, is the pride and joy of Romanian-born businessman Nick Radoi, who made his fortune in trucking.

While the millionaire was away in Europe, a number of high school teenagers in the exclusive Los Angeles suburb of La Habra Heights, realized the mansion was empty. They then went on social media and put out an open invitation to their friends.

A police officer said in a press conference, “The suspect hosted a party, charged a fee and brought a 100 plus kids or so.”

The party began at the pool and escalated into an out of control looting frenzy after they broke into the mansion through a window.

Radoi told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, “I never believed this happened in my home.”

The brazen teenagers emptied out liquor cabinets and raided the wine cellar, cleaning it out. Empty beer cans and liquor bottles littered the property.

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In the estate's spectacular grotto-like entertainment area, a flat screen TV was smashed after the vandals used heavy glass balls to smash an observation window looking into the pool from the playroom below.

Fortunately, they failed, or else 300,000 gallons of water would have come flooding through.

Moret asked, “If they broken through?”
Radoi said, “Oh my God. They'd be dead.”

The pool was so breathtaking it was once featured on HGTV’s Cool Pools. New episodes of the show air New Year’s Day.  

The pool today has hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. The pool even had to be emptied.
The intoxicated teens roamed the five bedroom estate taking expensive collectibles and historic artifacts, including a stuffed snow leopard valued at $250,000.

Pieces ripped off antique Spanish armor were found in the pool.

His closet was cleaned out of $300,000 worth of Armani and Versace designer suits. They even took a $7,200 Versace comforter right off the homeowner's bed.

Behind the linen closet is a safe and they even tried to break into it.

Local realtor David Wright was stunned by the damage. He said, “It just angers me to see the total disrespect.”
The estate had ample security cameras. There are 16 cameras in the house and unfortunately the kids knew where to look and broke in and stole most of the recording equipment.

The teens were brazen, but also very foolish. Some posed for pictures while others took selfies and posted them online.

The matter is under investigation by the Los Angeles Sheriff's office. Captain Michael Parker heads up a special E-Com unit that tracks illegal parties using social media.  

He told INSIDE EDITION, “The more outrageous it is, the more people show up. Law enforcement has to be in this area to protect these kids from themselves.”

So far, cops have arrested three 18-year-olds and a number of minors.