Classic Christmas Songs Still Earn Big Bucks

Some of the biggest money making songs of all time are Christmas classics. INSIDE EDITION looks at the top earners.

Santa Claus will be coming to town carrying a big fat check for one of the most beloved Christmas songs of all time.

Dan Kimpel, music journalist, told INSIDE EDITION, "White Christmas is considered one of the biggest money makers of any season, everywhere. The estimate is that it's generated well over $100 million."

Seven decades later, "White Christmas" still makes $100,000 for the Crosby estate each year. It's been a perennial hit for so long, it ranks as the No. 1 selling single of all time.

And despite having died last year, Andy Williams will once again climb the charts this year with his annual hit, "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year."

Kimpel said, "Andy Williams' estate will be making money from the sale of his version of the song way into perpetuity, as it goes."

Singers may be getting big bucks get for these holiday music bonanzas, but it's still a pittance next to the money the song writers rake-in.

Kimpel explained, "There are multiple income streams that benefit the songwriters for a long period of time."

Believe it or not, Mariah Carey wrote "All I Want For Christmas Is You" in 1994 on a toy piano. The tune sells so well, it pays her over a whopping $1 million every year, and there's no end in sight.

Mariah Carey said in an interview, "I wanted to make the most festive song that would always make people happy."

Dawnie Walton of Essence magazine told INSIDE EDITION, "The music has become part of the ritual. I think that's why we've seen so much success with the Christmas songs."

So, if you want to quit your day job, think about writing a classic Christmas song, or, you too can follow the bouncing ball and sing along with the very wealthy Chipmunks as they sing, "We can hardly stand the wait, please Christmas don't be late."