Coach Says His Wife Could Play Better Than His Players

NCAA basketball coach Barry Hinson stunned reporters after he said his wife could shoot better than his players. INSIDE EDITION has what the coach and his wife are saying now.

It's a rant by a college basketball coach that's getting a lot of attention, and now his wife is speaking out.

She said, “There's no buffer between his mind and his mouth!”

Barry Hinson, coach of Southern Illinois University, stunned reporters after his team lost a big game. He actually called his players “uncoachable mama's boys.”

He said, “My wife could score more than two buckets at one time. I got a bunch of mama's boys right now.”

He claimed his 52-year-old wife can shoot better. He said, “Because I know my wife will at least shot-fake one time!”

And that wasn't the only time he mentioned his wife. He said, “I've been telling my wife for years, size doesn't matter!”

Fifty-two-year-old Barry Hinson called in to the Dan Patrick radio show to explain himself, but his wife, Angie took the phone.

 Patrick asked Angie, “Could you have scored last night?”

She said, “I feel pretty good that he has confidence that I can, but I’ve never played basketball.”

For the record, the coach stands by everything he said, but he does regret calling out one player by name.