Abandoned Dog Rescued From Trash

INSIDE EDITION has the story of a dog left for dead in a garbage site that was rescued by Good Samaritans and is now up for adoption.

A heart wrenching video has emerged of a dog living in a trash heap, almost blending in with the garbage, starving, frightened, exhausted, and sick.

The abandoned Husky had been living in a trash heap about an hour from Los Angeles for months until she was found by a Good Samaritan from the animal rescue organizations, Hope for Paws and Fuzzy Pet Foundation.

Sheila Choi, CEO of Fuzz Pet Foundation said, "You see a dog who has just given up on life. She was fending for herself, digging into trash for food."

Learn More About Miley's Story

Rescuers named her Miley and she was given medical care, but she was still traumatized when she was introduced to a tiny five pound Chihuahua named Frankie. Frankie had been rescued from a drainpipe. The two bonded and their friendship has helped Miley bounce back.

Choi said, "She's a dog with a heart of gold and ready to play and love and trust a human again."

Miley today is being checked out by veterinarian Dr. Ronald Morein. It's a remarkable transformation. Her snowy white fur is growing back and she's now weighs 50 pounds.

A video of Miley's rescue was posted online just a week ago and went viral, with over 3 million views. Thousands of dog lovers have asked to adopt her and the Fuzzy Pet Foundation is searching for just the right home.  

Choi said, "We want to make sure we find that perfect home that will be able to love and cherish her for the rest of her life and will never discard her again like a piece of trash."

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