Christmas Wish Comes True For Two Sisters

For two young sisters, all they wanted for Christmas was a home and loving parents. INSIDE EDITION has the remarkable tale on how their wish came true.

Two adorable sisters had one big wish. Eight-year-old Jasmine and her seven-year-old sister, Eva, had been given up for adoption. What they wanted most for Christmas was a family to call their own.

Jasmine told INSIDE EDITION, “I was hoping for a new mommy and daddy. I was hoping my wish came true.”
So the sisters wrote down their dream to be adopted and then placed it in a plastic baggie. Then they attached it to a balloon with their return address.

Their pastor, Charlie McClure, showed INSIDE EDITION, “They wanted a home and to be in a home by Christmas.”

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They released their balloons from Tennessee. The sisters balloon floated over three state lines. It actually went a mind-blowing 479 miles to McHenry, Maryland.

Their pastor said, “I do believe it was meant to be. I believe God was in the arrangements and I believe He heard our prayers.”

It didn't take long for the balloon to work a miracle.  

Lynn and Dennis Shaw are foster parents to Jasmine and Eva. Once they heard about the balloon, they knew the girls were meant to be a permanent part of their family.

Lynn read the girls' wish to her husband. She said, “We want to be adopted by our new mommy and daddy before Christmas.”

Though both in their 50's, the Shaws decided to officially adopt Jasmine and Eva. Lynn is now a new mommy again. She raised boys of her own, but always wished for daughters.

Lynn said, “My dreams came true, I have my girls.”

Jasmine and Eva now have a daddy to cuddle up to and, for the first time in their lives, a loving home and a family, just in time for Christmas.

The girls said, “Our wish came true.”