Elaborate Marriage Proposal Becomes A Family Affair

INSIDE EDITION has the story of one marriage proposal so elaborate, it is melting hearts across the country.

It's the proposal that puts all others to shame and it's the way Shay Crawford popped the question to Stephanie Silvers that's melting hearts.

Shay told INSIDE EDITION’s Deborah Norville, “Family is incredibly important to both of us. They were very, very excited when they heard I was going to propose. I just wanted to include everybody, I thought it would be really special that way.”

“That way” was a scavenger hunt that began with a single rose.  

Stephanie said, “I knew that that was the day I was waiting for!”   

Shay said, “I led her to her church nearby where her mom was sitting and she read a letter I prepared. That took her to Ruth’s Cris Steakhouse which is my personal favorite and my mom was waiting there. That led her to rush, which is a workout facility where her brother was waiting.”

That then led to her father, who then sent Stephanie on to Shay's sister, who pointed her to the local baseball stadium where Shay's dad was waiting. Shay plays minor league baseball for the Tampa Bay Rays this too was a special place for the couple.

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Deborah Norville asked, "Did you ever wonder, 'Where was he?' This must have gotten a little tedious after a while?"

Stephanie said, "It all caught me so unaware. It wasn't until I was walking across the bridge and I thought, ‘Shay is about to be here. This is about to happen!’”

And so surrounded by the family Stephanie picked up along the way, including an aunt and cousins who were filming and taking pictures, Shay proposed.

And what will be a lifetime journey for this young couple began with a trek guided by family. The same family who will be cheering them on in the years to come and that includes one family member you at home know.

Deborah Norville asked, "Stephanie, why don't we let the world know what you really call me?"

Stephanie said, "Aunt Debbie!"