The Caught On Tape Moments That Grabbed Attention

INSIDE EDITION has the compiled the best caught on tape moments from the year that caught everyone's attention.

They are the caught on tape moments that shocked everyone.

A dashboard camera in Russia captured the moment when a meteor hit planet Earth. More than a thousand people were injured by flying debris and broken glass.

Mother Nature took her toll this year. From mudslides to tornadoes, a man came out of a storm shelter to discover his whole world ripped apart.

We'll always remember the bombings at the Boston marathon. Killing three and seriously injuring hundreds of others. Many would lose limbs.

There were other chilling moments caught on tape. In the African nation of Kenya, terrorist gunmen stalked victims inside a shopping mall. It lasted four days and 72 people were killed.
Civilian naval contractor Aaron Alexis was caught on tape going through the hallways of the Washington Navy Yard. He would shoot and kill 12 people before police killed him.

A Connecticut woman led police on a high speed chase through Washington, D.C., after she tried to ram The White House gates with her car. Police opened fire on the woman, killing her.

There were other troubling caught-on-tape moments.

An Illinois woman, arrested for drunk driving, was thrown in a cell and stripped naked. Police say she was kicking them. The woman pleaded guilty to driving under the influence but is suing the police because of the treatment she received.

In a case of alleged drunk driving, a woman, taking the field sobriety test, was actually the District Attorney in Texas. She was not happy about being busted. She had to be restrained after she allegedly kicked deputies.

2013 saw life and death moments caught on tape. In Panama Beach, Florida, two 17-year-old girls were in severe peril when a parasailing line connecting them to a boat had snapped. They were at the wind's mercy and smashed into several waterfront hotels. Both girls were critically injured but survived.

Dashboard cameras brought police action to the public like never before. In New Mexico, a mom driving with her five kids was stopped for speeding, but then took off. After stopping again she's told she’s under arrest but resists. Her teenage son the got involved, after she gets back into the van and tried again to flee. A police officer opened fire, shooting three bullets at the van full of kids. He's since been fired. The mother is facing child abuse and resisting arrest charges. She's pled not guilty saying she feared for her children's lives.

We've never seen a case of road rage like the time a Marine went wild after a little fender bender at Camp Pendleton in California. The Marine was taken into custody and cited for making threats.

A 55 year old Fort Lauderdale woman, taking part in a charity walk, decided to take a shortcut over a drawbridge at the moment it was being raised.  She was stuck in frightening position for 20 minutes until she was rescued.

There was also a caught on tape moment of a celebration that began far too soon. A runner began the celebration party early and another runner slipped by and almost took the crown.

Some caught on tape moments this year made us smile, like the dad who lipsinked his own daughter's temper tantrum. Who could forget the little baby who seemed to be moved by her mother's singing voice.