'Duck Dynasty' Dad Celebrates Christmas During Scandal

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson got his wife a very nice Christmas gift while he is still under fire for making homophobic remarks. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

What scandal? Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson celebrated Christmas by giving his wife Miss Kay, a shiny new ring. Granddaughter Sadie posted a picture on her Twitter page showing off her grandmother's new bling, writing "After 50 years of marriage, Papaw Phil finally gave Mamaw Kay a wedding ring for Christmas."

Meanwhile, the Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling for a meeting with A&E executives, saying the Duck Dynasty dad is "more offensive" than the bus driver who ordered Rosa Parks to the back of the bus.  

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd spoke to him via Skype.

Boyd said, "You are saying that what is going on with Phil Robertson is more offensive than what happened to Rosa Parks and the bus driver that kicked her off the bus?"

Jackson said, "The bus driver was following the law. Mr. Robertson was using his own volition. He was engaging in a kind of racist ideology and anti-gay bashing that is both illegal and immoral and hurtful to many people."