Charlie Sheen's Plea Deal Falls Through...Reportedly Because of Cigarettes

Charlie Sheen didn't go to jail yesterday after all. He reportedly turned down a plea deal because of cigarettes! INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Charlie Sheen leaves court after a plea deal that would have landed him in jail for up to 30 days fell apart at the last minute.

Sheen, who's accused of assaulting wife Brooke Mueller, had arrived in Aspen, Colorado, fully expecting to end the day in a cell.

But the deal hit a sudden snag, reportedly over, of all things, cigarettes!

"There were a couple of minor glitches that we weren't able to work out," said Sheen's attorney, Yale Galanter.

As part of his plea, Sheen would have been allowed to leave his cell every morning to perform community service at a local theater in Aspen.

But when Sheen, a chain smoker, was told he wouldn't be allowed to light up at the theater, he's said to have turned the deal down.

"The whole thing hinged on his ability to smoke," a source told The Aspen Times.

"Possession of smoking products, cigarette lighters and matches" is a violation of Pitkin County's community service regulations.

Sheen has a new court date in July, and the question now is...could that affect shooting of the new season of Two and a Half Men, which is set to begin in August?