Biblical Blockbusters Heading To The Big Screen

Hollywood is looking to cash in on stories from the Bible in 2014 by bringing biblical heroes and villains to life. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Get ready for the year of the epic Bible blockbuster. Coming in 2014, there will be lots of movies based on the Good Book.

Russell Crowe plays Noah, the biblical crusader who saves the world from a watery Armageddon. Then, the mother of Jesus is featured in Mary of Nazareth.

The race for Bible box office is attracting A-list stars like Christian Bale, who is trading in his boots and bat cape for a robe and sandals as Moses in Ridley Scott’s big budget, Exodus.

Will Smith is reportedly working on Cain & Abel, the classic tale of brotherly betrayal. Insiders say Brad Pitt wants to play the ultimate villain, Pontius Pilate.  

Media consultant Phil Cooke told INSIDE EDITION, “There are an incredible number of epic stories in the Bible. So, it's natural, I think that Hollywood would see the action hero potential in many of these stories.”  
Hollywood is clearly reacting to this past year's huge hit on cable, The Bible on the History channel, which broke records with over 11 million viewers each episode.

Roma Downey told INSIDE EDITION, “People are gathered around the water cooler. People are gathered around the kitchen table. People are gathered around and they're talking about The Bible.”

The producers of The Bible are hoping to strike gold on the silver screen with the Son of God, the ultimate tale of good versus evil. One thing you can expect not to see are steamy sex scenes.

Cooke said, “I think when it comes to sex in these biblical epics, we're not going to see a lot of nudity. Not a lot of sex, simply because morality matters to the evangelical Christian audience.”

Noah, Jesus, and a biblical cast of thousands, all coming soon to a theater near you.