Reporter Passes Out On Live TV

A reporter in Salt Lake City was high in the Utah mountains getting cross-country ski tips for a news segment until the high altitude made her pass out. INSIDE EDITION spoke to the reporter.

It all started out so well.  A morning live shot with Salt Lake City reporter Brooke Graham on the sunny slopes of Utah with cross-country ski tips.

She said, “I'm here with Richard and Katie, with the Utah Nordic Alliance of Utah and you guys are teaching me how to cross-country ski.”

Then, three-and-a-half-year TV veteran Graham passes out from the high altitude of the Utah mountains. Trooper that she is, she never dropped her microphone. Then she sat up, like a Phoenix rising from the snow and kept going.

She said, “Let me toss it back to you guys. I just slipped and fell.”

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Graham from Salt Lake City station KUTV to see how she's going.

INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney asked, "What on Earth happened?”

Graham said, “The last thing I remember saying is 'Hi you guys' and I don't remember what happened after that because everything got really fuzzy and I just blacked out.”

McInerney asked, “And what did it feel like? You landed on your head.”

“When I woke up on the ground I actually sat there and actually really did think I had slipped and fell because I didn't know how I had gotten to the ground. I didn't know that I had gone down with such a bang because I didn't feel anything,” said Graham.

McInerney asked, “You didn't feel anything at all?”

Graham said, “No, not at all. I was on snow.  Thank goodness.”

Graham tells us that both she and her identical twin sister have fainted from high altitudes before.  Now, she's heading to the doctors to get checked out.

So what were Graham’s first thoughts the moment she came to and realized what had just happened on live television?

She told McInerney, “I really did think wait until this gets on YouTube. People are really going to love this.”