Taylor Swift Upsets Neighbors With Home Construction

INSIDE EDITION has the details on how Taylor Swift is upsetting some neighbors in one Rhode Island community.

Taylor Swift's unleashed a tidal wave of anger over a seawall construction project at her ocean front mansion in Rhode Island.

The “Trouble” singer lives in a lavish $18 million estate that overlooks a popular beach and seawall where teenagers love to hang out. But the pop star has hired a bulldozing crew to put boulders in front of that seawall while filling in sand behind it.

Residents are furious with what they call an eyesore.

"I don't know how the hell they let her do this," one neighbor complained.

David Collins of The Day of New London told INSIDE EDITION, "If I had that house and it was on a big cliff and I had the money to reinforce it and move those boulders, with permission, I would do it too."

Legally, Swift is doing nothing wrong. She didn't have to acquire any permits for the construction, only approval from a local environmental committee which she did.

While the seawall is making local residents upset, the singer has good reason to be concerned about security. Over the summer, a man was charged with trespassing at the celebrity's home.

That neighbor feud is just one among many when it comes to celebrities. Katherine Heigel and Justin Beiber have had run-in's with their neighbors.

Josh Altman of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing told INSIDE EDITION, "It is one thing if you have Justin Beiber speeding around the neighborhood in a Ferrari. It is another thing to have Taylor Swift who is doing something for privacy reasons and she is legally allowed to do it. You are just going to have to deal with it."