Dr. Teleka Patrick Vanishes, Baffling Police and Family

Police are baffled over the disappearance of a Michigan doctor who posted a loving video on YouTube. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Who is the missing doctor talking to so lovingly in a YouTube video when she said, "Hi baby, it's Teleka and I am just coming here to say hi," and does that person have anything to do with her mysterious disappearance?

These are the troubling questions cops are asking about these just-found videos of Dr. Teleka Patrick, a first-year resident at a Michigan hospital who vanished without a trace nearly a month ago, but not before recording a love song in her YouTube video.

Pat Brown, criminal profiler and author of How To Save Your Daughter's Life told INSIDE EDITION, "This is one of the strangest cases I think I've heard of in a long time. I don't know if there really is a relationship. And this is what is so confusing. because Teleka, in the video, seems like she's speaking to a person who may not even be real."

Dr. Patrick's brother, Matthias, is baffled by her disappearance. She was last seen in surveillance video, trying to check into a Radisson Hotel in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She was turned away after trying to pay in cash. She stormed out of the hotel and her abandoned car was found in a ditch off an Indiana highway, 100 miles away.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked, "Do you have any idea who your sister is talking to in these new videos?"

Matthias said, "I really don't have any idea."

"Do you believe she's still alive?" asked Boyd.

"I believe she's alive," answered Matthias. "I just don't know where she is."

Yet another disturbing factor—a man claiming to be Dr. Patrick's ex-husband is saying she's delusional and suffers from mental illness.

Matthias said he never saw that side of his sister and he believes she met with foul play.

In the midst of these disturbing details, a just-released video shows Dr. Patrick happily preparing meals not long before she disappeared.

So, two mysteries remain unsolved—the whereabouts of this doctor, and the identity of the unseen lover to whom she's pouring out her heart.