People Lose Half Their Size And Inspire Others

INSIDE EDITION met two people who are inspiring others to change their lives and lose weight, just like they did.

Sharee Samuels is a shadow of her former self. As a teenager, Samuels, from Washington state, was addicted to cookies.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “My worst habit was Oreos. I could eat them all day long!”

At her heaviest, she weighed 256 pounds. Now, she's a slender and sexy 135 pounds. That's a weight loss of 121 pounds.

How did she do it? She became vegan, swapping the cookies for fruits and vegetables.

She is on the cover of People magazine's annual “Half Their Size” issue, on stands today. Now, she's a Zumba dance instructor.

If you think she is inspiring, Michael Holcomb from Escondido, California is literally one third the man he used to be. Growing up, he couldn't stop eating and grew to weigh a life-threatening 607 pounds.

He said, “I was ashamed, I was disgusted. I broke down and I wanted a better life.”

He started off slowly, walking a mile a day. Then, he graduated to swimming and biking. Over time, he dropped to 215 pounds, a loss of a whopping 392 pounds.

Now he works as a personal trainer helping others to get in shape, and if he can't inspire you—nobody can!