Ex-Husband Of Missing Doctor Says She Has Troubled Past

After the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Teleka Patrick baffled police and her family, INSIDE EDITION has learned more troubling revelations from her ex-husband.

Teleka Patrick is the doctor who vanished without a trace a month ago and is the subject of a nationwide search.

Ismael Calderon is the ex-husband of Dr. Teleka Patrick and what he has to say is shocking. He says she was both delusional and paranoid during their turbulent six-year marriage which ended in divorce in 2012.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "I begged her to get mental help. When I urged her to get help, she told me she didn't need help and that I was trying to destroy her career."

Dr. Patrick was last seen in a surveillance video trying to check into a Radisson Hotel in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She was turned away after trying to pay in cash, and her abandoned car was found in a ditch off an Indiana highway, 100 miles away.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked Calderon, "What do you think has happened to Teleka?"

He said, "I believe there are predators out there. I believe that a predator would easily deceive someone who is desperate."

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The doctor told her ex that the film A Beautiful Mind, which tells the story of a brilliant but deeply disturbed genius, was also her story. She gave him a copy of the film.

Just discovered video shows Dr. Patrick singing, however, no one knows who she is singing to. In another video from a few years ago, she was recorded singing "Happy Birthday" to Calderon, who is nicknamed Smiley. Dr. Patrick even wrote a love song about her husband. A line in the song is: "You are my symphony."

An email Dr. Patrick sent to Calderon when she wrote that song sheds light on their troubled marriage. Calderon read the email to INSIDE EDITION. In it she wrote, "I am not a safe person, and how are you supposed to be emotionally intimate with me and share things with me if I am not a safe person?"

Meanwhile, another shocking revelation about the missing doctor has come to surface. She was hit with a restraining order by a famed gospel singer who claims she was stalking him.

Pastor Marvin Sapp of Grand Rapids, Michigan filed an order of personal protection against Dr. Teleka Patrick three months ago, saying she contacted his children, went to his home and even claimed to be his wife.

Sapp wrote, "I have at least 100 pages of correspondence from her which I have never responded to."

Calderon said, "I am not surprised because Teleka did the same thing to me."

So, where is Dr. Teleka Patrick? Her ex-husband fears the worst. He said, "No one knows where she is at and that is not like Teleka."