'Price Is Right' Winner Scores Biggest Win In Show's History

Sheree Heil tells INSIDE EDITION what it was like to win the biggest prize in the history of The Price Is Right.

She just won the biggest prize ever on The Price Is Right, and her wild, joyous reaction is sweeping the internet.

Sheree Heil told INSIDE EDITION, "Its been a dream come true."

Sheree Heil of Tacoma, Washington, deals with pressure all the time. But this was a real nail-biter. The 58-year-old mom defied the odds and guessed her way to a luxury sports car as her family cheered her on.

Heil told INSIDE EDITION, "The only reason I went for the car is my son prompted me to. I was just thrilled to get onstage meet Drew Carey. It was so much fun."

Then came the big moment.

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"I couldn't contain myself any longer. I had so much adrenaline, I just had to burn it off somehow. I figured running around the stage, jumping up and down," she explained.

Heil had big hugs for host Drew Carey. Then tried out her new $157,000 sports car.

"Who would expect a little girl from Tacoma winning a luxury automobile on The Price Is Right? It brought a lot of joy to my family and friends, and that's what means most to me," said Heil.