Missing Engagement Ring Found After Six Years

INSIDE EDITION has the story of one woman who lost her engagement ring six years ago and miraculously recovered it.

When Adam Tiller proposed to his sweetheart Leslie, they had only been dating a month back in 2007.

He told INSIDE EDITION, “She loved it. She loved that ring.”

A month before their wedding, the couple attended a party. A friend drove them home and Leslie was fiddling with her ring in the backseat and somehow it slipped off.

She said, “Very quickly I started crying."

They turned their friend's car upside down. Then searched all around the driveway with no luck  

Leslie and Adam were then married and over the next six years they started a family, but they wondered whatever happened to that diamond engagement ring?

She said, “Gone. just gone. If it’s meant to be, we'll find it.”

Miracles do happen. A few weeks ago, their friend, Jake Hickman, who drove them home from that party six years ago, took his car to a Midas shop in Greenville, South Carolina to get serviced.  Mechanic Brandon Estelle removed the back seat and lo and behold, there was the $5,000 ring!

Estelle said, “There is was something shinny. I picked it up, looked at it, it was a ring.”

When Jake went to pick up the car, he found the ring in the cup holder.

Hickman said, “All of a sudden, I remembered its Leslie’s ring.”
Adam recorded the moment that Leslie finally got her diamond ring back. In the video, Leslie asked, “What's this?”

Adam said, “It’s our ring baby.”

It took a couple of seconds to sink in.

Leslie screamed, “Oh my God! Oh my God! It was in the car! I knew it!

After six years, thanks to a very honest car mechanic, Adam slipped the ring back on Leslie’s finger.

She said, “I do believe it is a miracle this ring found its way back home. It feels like I just got engaged again.”