Manhattan High-Rise Apartment Fire Leaves One Dead

INSIDE EDITION reports on a high-rise apartment fire that left one resident dead.

A Manhattan high-rise fire left one man dead.

Songwriter Steve Schalchlin recorded the drama from his 38th floor apartment. In the video, you can hear him try to figure out what to do next.

He told INSIDE EDITION, “It was frightening to be in there, trapped and [we] did not know what to do. We smelled the smoke and opened the door and the hall was filled with smoke. We saw a sign on the inside of the door, that we had not really noticed before that said, 'In case of fire stay in your apartment.'”

The flames were just a few floors below and when the wind changed direction, smoke inundated his apartment.

The fire claimed the life of 27-year-old writer Daniel McClung, who was found overcome by smoke in the hallway on the 38th floor. His partner, 32-year-old Michael Cohen was found with him and is now in critical condition. Apparently they did not heed instructions to stay inside.

James Bullock retired Deputy Fire Chief of New York Fire Department told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "This is a fireproof building. The fire did not extend beyond the apartment and if they would have stayed in their apartment and stayed away from the smoke, they would be safe."

In the video, you can hear people from other buildings in the neighborhood yelling at those stuck on their balconies. 

Another building resident, scientist Mickey Atwal wrote live tweets as he, his son, and his wife, model Nadja Atwal found themselves in the middle of the emergency. He tweeted: "Stuck on building on 26th floor. Building on fire.” He then tweeted: “Firemen here in our hallway. Telling us to stay put.”    

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