Gary Coleman's Shocking Death Photo

There is uproar about the release of photos of Gary Coleman on his deathbed.  His ex-wife, Shannon Price, who appears in one of the photos, is now locked in a bitter battle over the actor's estate.  INSIDE EDITION has details.

Gary Coleman's disturbing death photo revealed!  

The shocking photo showing the actor in the hospital on his deathbed hit newsstands Wednesday on the cover of the tabloid magazine Globe.   The heartbreaking picture is accompanied by the blaring headline, "IT WAS MURDER."

Shannon Price denies having anything to do with Coleman's death and police do not suspect foul play.

INSIDE EDITION decided to blur the image to preserve the dignity of Gary Coleman's final moments.  In the photo you can see his head wrapped in a bandage, his eyes are closed and there's a tube going down his throat.  He appears to be unconscious.  

Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price poses next to him staring directly into the camera.  According to published reports, Shannon sold the photos to the Globe for 10 thousand dollars, something she denies.

"Obviously if Shannon's in one of the pictures then what is that telling us, you know?"  Todd Bridges, Coleman's Diff'rent Strokes co-star, is speaking out on Radar Online.  "This is a horrible situation that she's putting out there that is going to make her look so bad."

Shannon is now in a bitter battle over Coleman's estate, and has been locked out of the house in Utah she shared with the actor.

She is also being accused of "cleaning Gary out" by taking items from the house. The actor's long time friend, Dion Mial, who is named as the executor in Coleman's 1999 will, says Shannon stole Coleman's "2005 Dodge pick-up...Computers, telephones, musical instruments and furnishings."

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Shannon's manager, Sheila Erikson outside the locked Utah home.  She was trying to get in to retrieve documents that she says prove Shannon is the intended recipient of Coleman's estate.

"He said what mattered more to him than anything was that Shannon was taken care of after he was gone.  He kept saying 'Sheila take care of Shannon, help Shannon, make sure Shannon is ok,'" Erikson said.

She also revealed that Gary has yet to be cremated, which was his wish.

"It's really sad that Gary's been sitting in the morgue for going on two weeks now," Erikson said.  She shared never before seen photos of Gary and Shannon, playfully posing together in happier times, long before the shocking photo of Coleman's final moments.