Suspicions Raised Over Death of Actor David Carradine

David Carradine's death was ruled an accident, but his ex-wife Marina Anderson doesn't believe it.  She tells INSIDE EDITION she thinks he was murdered.

New questions have emerged in the mysterious death of actor David Carradine in Thailand.

Was it accidental or murder?

Cops say Carradine accidentally killed himself during a rough sex game gone horribly wrong. But his former wife, Marina Anderson, suspects something more sinister.

"I do think he was intentionally murdered," Anderson said.

The 72-year-old star of Kung Fu and Kill Bill was found hanging in a closet inside a Bangkok hotel last year.  His wrists were tied together and he had unexplained bruises and cuts on his arms and neck. Two autopsies concluded there was no foul play.
But, Anderson disputes those findings so she launched her own investigation. She believes Carradine may have been murdered by the Bangkok prostitutes known as "ladyboys" targeting wealthy Americans.
"He had quite a considerable amount of money on him and David is a generous person he tips extremely heavy.  Somebody seeing that happen could follow him up to his room. It's the sex capital of the world," Anderson said.

Anderson's sensational revelations are in her new tell-all book David Carradine: The Eye of my Tornado.

"There was definitely a dark side," she said.

They married in 1998 and Marina said Carradine's alcohol fueled anger drove her to divorce him.  They split in 2001 but she still has feelings for him. She broke down in tears when she described seeing Carradine not long before he died, still wearing their wedding ring.

"He wore that ring until the day he died. That's what gets me," Anderson said.

Bangkok police say the investigation into Carradine's death is closed but Anderson doesn't buy it. She will always believe her former husband was murdered.