Exclusive: Woman Says Ex-Husband Ran Over Family Dog For Revenge

INSIDE EDITION speaks exclusively to the ex-wife of the man cops say deliberately ran over the family dog.

The shocking surveillance video showing a man running over the family dog, allegedly to get even with his estranged wife, has sparked outrage. Now, she's speaking exclusively to INSIDE EDITION.

Olga Parker could barely believe her eyes when saw what husband did to their her beloved Chihuahua, Cow-Cow.

"I knew exactly who did it, and I knew exactly that it was Michael," said Olga.

Olga tearfully said, "He didn't deserve that."

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Michael David Parker's actions triggered an avalanche of angry comments on INSIDE EDITION's  Facebook and Twitter pages—more than 1,200 in all.

One Facebook fan wrote: "Have someone run over him and see how he feels."

Another fan commented: "He is a sick and evil man."

One of our Twitter followers tweeted: "How could anyone be so cruel?"

According to Olga, this unspeakable incident was triggered by their nasty divorce.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked, "Do you believe he did this as a warning to you, or as revenge?"

"Revenge," replied Olga.

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She says he wanted her to sign a document releasing money from a 401K account.

"My answer to him was, 'I don't think so Michael. The only thing that I'm going to sign for you is the divorce papers.' I  believe, later on, that's when he did this to my dog."

Parker is a part-time bodyguard for Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt.

"He works for Larry Flynt and he thinks that he has power like Larry Flynt," said Olga.

Parker claims he accidentally ran over Cow-Cow, but his estranged wife doesn't believe it. Now, Olga fears the worst for her missing dog, Lucky, saying, "I hope and pray to God that I can find her. "

And the heartache she's suffered over the brutal death of her beloved Cow-Cow will not go away.