Driver Says Brakes Fail On Mini Van Carrying A Group Of People

It was a scary situation for one group of people when they say the brakes in their mini van failed, leaving one person dead. INSIDE EDITION explains what to do if you find yourself in that situation.

It is every driver's nightmare when your brakes fail and you can't stop.

That is what one driver says happened in a runaway mini van. A 67-year-old passenger in the van called 911.

Passenger: "We need help! We've lost our brakes! I don't know where we are! The car is out of control!"

She and seven of her friends were driving from Reno, Nevada, back home to Sacramento when she says their brakes failed. The line to 911 then went dead. The van crashed in a fireball. One of the women on board was killed. Miraculously, the others survived.

So what can you do if you find yourself in a runaway vehicle?

Robert Sinclair of AAA gave INSIDE EDITION simple tips that could be lifesavers. He said, “Use the emergency break. It is either in the center console or a foot break next to your left foot. Or, throw it in reverse. When you throw it in reverse, hit the gas, that will slow the vehicle down. That is how I saved my life and a bunch of other people when it happened to me.