Woman's "Worst" Online Profile Gets Massive Hits

No redeeming social qualities, but one hot picture is apparently all it takes for a woman's online dating profile to get noticed. INSIDE EDITION has a story of one profile that isn't all it appears to be.

Who in the world would date a girl who is unemployed, uses drugs, and is only interested in rich guys?

On a typical Friday night she says she is "knocking the cups out of homeless peoples' hands." She brags on her online dating profile that she "convinced my ex I was pregnant and he still pays me child support lol."

But apparently looking hot surpasses all sins, because she got close to a 1,000 responses.

Sherri Shepherd said on The View, "A lot of men, if you are cute, all of the other stuff does not matter."

Hoda Kotb said on the Today show, "Maybe they just thought she would be..."

"Fun," replied Kathie-Lee Gifford.

Kotb said, "I think easy was the word I was looking for."

Before anyone starts to hate this woman, it needs to be known that her online dating profile on the site OK Cupid is a fake. It was created by comedy writer Alli Reed as an experiment that when it comes to online dating, looks really do count.

Reed told INSIDE EDITION, “I wanted her to be lazy, and mean, and willfully ignorant and not a person you would ever want to spent time with.”

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She used a photo of a friend who happens to be a model. But even though the girl is pretty, Reed figured no man would dream of asking someone this mean on a date.

Guys just didn't seem to care now mean she was. She told one guy, "You have too many teeth. I want to pull one out." You would think he'd run for the hills, but no, he was keen as ever. "Come pull it out then!" He replied, "when r u down? Tonight?"

Reed said, “There were times I would just pound on the keyboard, just a string of letters, and they would still message me back.”

Relationship coach Donna Barnes told INSIDE EDITION, “I'm not surprised. For men, it's all about the visual. It is not about being shallow, it is about how their brain is wired.”

But take heart ladies, there is a silver lining here. Reed has two profiles, the fake one and a real one.

Reed said, “I met my current boyfriend on my actual profile. So, there is a happy ending here. Online dating does work. Not everyone is terrible!”