MC Serch Looks To Bring Something Different To Daytime TV

INSIDE EDITION spoke with rapper MC Serch about his new daytime TV talk show, Serch.

It is America's new daytime talk show. It’s called Serch, the newest talk show on daytime TV.

The host, whose name actually is Serch may look familiar. Back in the 90's he made a stir in the music world as a white rapper from New York City. Now, he's working out people's problems on TV.
Serch told INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret, “We go from wretchedness to righteousness in 60 minutes.”

Moret sat down with Serch in the Dawg Pound, which is backstage at The Arsenio Hall Show where Serch returns to his rap star roots.
Serch said, “Twenty years ago, I was on Arsenio and now I’m back here talking about my talk show.”

Moret joked, “I mean, in rap years you're like 150!”

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Serch gets up close and personal with his guests, actually sitting next to them on the set.

He said, “If we can't get to the core of the problem and we can't try to fix the problem the show is not worth doing.”

Serch says the daytime talk show audience is ready for something new.
He said, “I'm a street smart kid that has a lot of life experience and if you give me 60 minutes of your time a day, I can share that experience with you to make your life a little better.”