Petite Mom Devours Giant Steak, Sets New World Record

INSIDE EDITION spoke to mother of four, Molly Schuyler, who set a new world record after she ate a 72 oz. steak in under three minutes.

It is the video sweeping the internet that might give you serious heart burn. A petite mom-of-four devoured a massive 72-ounce steak and set a new world record.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent spoke to 34-year-old Molly Schuyler. He asked, “That's incredible! Did you ever doubt you could eat the whole thing?”

She said, “I knew I could do it. I didn't know I could do it that fast.”

Molly attacked the gigantic steak at a Portland, Oregon, restaurant.  She didn’t use a knife and fork, but instead, grabbed the steak cavewoman-style and ripped off huge chunks.

After a minute and five seconds, she cut the steak in half and resumed the attack. She actually downed the meat with, what else for somebody so demure, a sip of ice tea. There was hardly time to swallow.

At two minutes, 44 seconds, that steak was history. Molly shattered the old Guinness world record of six minutes, 48 seconds. After finishing, she then chomped on French fries!

Trent asked, “Have you always been a fast eater?”

She said, “I always ate fast. I don't know, my parents always told me to slow down.”

Molly is a competitive speed eater. She's already tackled a pizza the size of a table top and managed to devour a giant burrito. In one video she ate nine pounds of cottage cheese in under two minutes.  

Somehow, Molly manages to fit into a bathing suit.

Trent asked, “What kind of exercise do you do?”

She said, “I chase after four kids and I got a treadmill in the basement.”

After all that steak, do we even have to say “Holy cow!”