Justin Bieber Allegedly Eggs Neighbor's House

Police say Justin Bieber is the No. 1 suspect after his neighbor's home was pelted with eggs. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Justin Bieber has just been named a suspect in, of all things, pelting his neighbor's house with eggs!

The bizarre incident was captured on the neighbor's cell phone. You can hear the neighbor, auto tycoon Jeffrey Schwartz, screaming at Bieber on the tape, which was posted on TMZ's website.

Neighbor: "I see you! I (blank) see you!
Bieber: "(blank) you! I got another one for you actually!"

TMZ also obtained photos of the egg-covered home. Schwartz tells INSIDE EDITION Bieber hurled eggs at his front door, saying, "Bieber attacked me, my daughter, and my home." 

This isn't the first time Bieber has gotten into a shouting match with Schwartz. Last March, Bieber was accused of spitting in the face of the auto tycoon. Schwartz called Bieber "A punk. He thinks he's invincible."

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's office confirms Bieber's neighbor called 911. Bieber has not been charged, but has officially been named the No. 1 suspect in a vandalism investigation.

Bieber has been feuding with his ritzy neighbors ever since moving into a gated community in Calabasas. They say he races around the quiet streets in his Ferrari.

Now, Schwartz says he's the target of Bieber's rage again, this time with eggs.