Golden Globes Recap Reveals Controversy

Gabourey Sidibe fires back at critics over her weight, while other stars explain why it look so long to get to the stage. INSIDE EDITION has a Golden Globes recap.

You go, Gabby!

That's what fans of Gabourey Sidibe are saying after she deftly shot down mean-spirited comments about her weight at the Golden Globes.

"To people making mean comments about my GG pics," she tweeted. "I mos def cried about it on that private jet on my way to my dream job last night. #JK."

Thirty-year-old Gabby, who's now starring in American Horror Story: Coven stepped out on the red carpet in a custom-made dress by Daniel Musto.

Haters tweeted put-downs like: "Geez! She looks like the chubby ghost from Casper."

And: "I get it Gabourey Sidibe, you tried to do the 'hour-glass' look in that dress. You just missed it about 10 hours."

There were also comments that expressed genuine concern for Gabby's size. One person tweeted: "While I have much respect for Gabby, I have to ask the question would she be happy with heart disease, kidney problems, knee and back issues? All come with being overweight."

But, Gabby's defiance is winning plenty of praise. As one fan put it: "I'm so in love with @gabbysidibe and her confidence. Now, THATS true beauty!"

During the controversial Woody Allen tribute, luminous Diane Keaton appeared in her signature style. It was also clear the 68-year-old acting legend is allowing herself to age naturally and gracefully. But moments after she left the stage, the Golden Globes cut to a commercial break with a L'Oreal ad starring none other than Keaton looking completely wrinkle free! Now, the makeup company is on the hot seat.

"Diane Keaton's L'Oreal ad raises eyebrows for showing star 'ageless and wrinkle-free'" says the headline on The Huffington Post.

And get this—winners making their way to the stage actually took up 10 percent of the Golden Globes entire broadcast. The Washington Post counted the seconds from the moment the winner was announced to their arrival on stage. Best Supporting Actress winner Jacqueline Bisset took the longest at 66 seconds. The cast of Breaking Bad took second place with 51 seconds. Backstage, they explained that their table was as far from the stage as you could get.

Aaron Paul said, "We were in the back."

Bryan Cranston told INSIDE EDITION, "We were helping them serve the dinners. We were right there, so we were helping."

So, who made it to the stage the fastest? Best Actress for American Hustle, Amy Adams who was seated up front, got there in a record 11 seconds.