Was Raid on Justin Bieber's House Overkill?

Twelve officers stormed the mansion of Justin Bieber following the egging of a neighbor's house, and some are asking if so many cops was overkill. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Justin Bieber's mansion that was raided by cops in the ultra-ritzy gated community of Calabasas, was featured on the TV show First Look. They described it as resort-like.

The main house has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and 10,000 square feet of living space, including a giant screening room.

Outside, Bieber built a private playground with a trampoline, a skateboarding course, and a five-star pool.

Meanwhile, there's big reaction to the raid involving 12 deputies who stormed the mansion looking for evidence in the egging of his next door neighbor's home last week—an attack captured on cell phone where Bieber's neighbor, Jeffrey Schwartz is yelling at Bieber.

Neighbor: "I see you! I (blank) see you!"
Bieber: "(blank) you! I got another one for you actually!"

But was the response by police overkill? Criminal defense attorney David Wohl told INSIDE EDITION, "I've never seen anything like this kind of response to what is a relatively minor charge, vandalism. This is the kind of response that you saw when O.J. Simpson was accused of double murder."

Others say the show of force was reasonable considering Bieber always has armed security with him.

But Bieber's celebrity pals aren't buying it. Kelly Osbourne tweeted: "Really who gets arrested for throwing a bloody egg!"

And One Direction's Harry Styles instagramed a photo of scrambled eggs with the caption "Egg off."

But comedian D.L. Hughley, who is a neighbor, expressed contempt for Bieber, saying, "I moved out of South Cental L.A. to get away from crime and I now I have to worry about a Canadian dude with bangs. I would think that with all the crime we got going, that throwing eggs at somebody's house might not register all that high."

A reporter asked, "But what if he egged your house?"

"I would whoop his little ass," said Hughley.

On The View, Whoppi Goldberg suggested it's time for Bieber to grow up.

"Cops in L.A. are not playing with you. They will bring 11 patrol cars to your house and embarrass your ass. Something needs to change."