New App Brings Doctor's Visit To Your Smartphone

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Jay McGraw about the new app he developed that allows people to connect with doctors over the phone instead of going to their offices. 

There's a new app that could change the way you stay healthy.

Doctor on Demand is the brainchild of Jay McGraw, son of the famous Dr. Phil McGraw. He's the Executive Producer of the syndicated show, The Doctors.

Jay told INSIDE EDITION, “For $40 on your phone, you can have a real time video chat and the doctor can then prescription meds.”

INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd demoed how the app works.  The phone app connects you with a doctor in your home state.

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Boyd told the doctor, “I've had a sharp pain in my thumb.”

The doctor examined Boyd over the phone and offered a diagnosis. The doctor said, "It is not severe at this point."

Jay McGraw said, "The app is now like your best friend being a doctor. If you got a question, just pick up your phone and ask."

The app is for non-emergency issues only and the doctors cannot prescribe controlled drugs.