Violence In Movie Theaters Escalates

After a texting argument led to a fatal shooting INSIDE EDITION is asking why do fights break out at the movie theater?

It's happening too many times—anger erupting at the movie theater.

Now, in the wake of the tragedy in which an ex-cop has pleaded not guilty after cops say he shot another movie patron in an argument over cell phone texting, the question looms, “Why are so many people getting so mad at the movies?”

In a video posted on YouTube, a Maryland moviegoer lost it after he accused a teenager of putting his feet on the seat. The teen ended up with a bloody nose. Cops had to come in to calm things down.

In another video, two men square off in the lobby of a movie theater. They look like they belong in a boxing ring. A cop intervened and even pointed a taser.

Another video shows two women go at it in the theater lobby. The fight was broken up by three guys.

In a different incident, a pair took their argument into the corridor.

There once was an incident when a movie-goer recorded two patrons having a yelling match. The guy shooting it on his cell phone even gave a review, "This is a good show, better than the movie."

Movie critic Ryan Jay told INSIDE EDITION, "Behavior in theaters is getting so terrible today that people are swearing off the theater all together. They are staying at home, they are watching Netflix."

Another video showcased a guy so fed up with crude behavior at the movies that he posted a rant on YouTube, citing a Seinfeld episode that addressed the situation.

It was funny stuff on Seinfeld, but not so funny when it happens in real life.