Wildfires Rage Near Los Angeles

The driest year on record has led to wildfires in Southern California that are engulfing homes at an alarming rate. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It was live TV, straight from hell, as a brave TV cameraman put himself in harms way to broadcast live as a massive wildfire roars through wealthy Glendora, California, right outside Los Angeles.  

The camerman reported, "I'm going to look over the top of this bluff. You can seen the canyon is fully engulfed."

The cameraman encounterd a homeowner desperately trying to hose down palm trees that were ablaze in front of his house.

"It came up pretty quick. It's kind of scary," said the homeowner.

The cameraman was walking up a hill right into thick smoke and flames when one guy went roaring up the driveway to try to save what he could from his home of 30 years.

"We've got quite a few yeas of memories here...everything we own," said the homeowner.

One homeowner wore a mask as he sprayed his trees with a garden hose.

The cameraman strode onto the balcony of one expensive home decorated with Christmas lights. He coughed as he broadcasted live right beside hero firefighters who were in the middle of the smoke and flames.

"There were fire embers coming down and getting on my neck and everything, and I was in the middle talking, going, 'Ouch, ouch, ouch!.'"

The cameraman is J.R. Hill and he's worked for KCBS and KCAL in Los Angeles for years. He wore special protective gear and used a small video camera with a state-of-the-art backpack transmitter to broadcast live.

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Los Angeles TV viewers watched live as mansion after mansion went up in flames. One was the historic Singer mansion, built in 1924.

Striking footage broadcast live from the middle of this hell-on-earth that no one will ever forget.