Wife Of Miami Dolphins QB Leaves Assault Rifle In Back Of Rental Car

A mother and daughter were stunned when they discovered an assault rifle in the back of their rental car, and more surprised to learn who owned it. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Judith Fleissig got the shock of her life when she and her daughter picked up a rental car at EZ Rental Car at Fort Lauderdale Airport. Under the back seats, they found a semi-automatic rifle. It was apparently left behind by the last person to rent the car.

It turns out the previous driver was a famous personality—none other than Lauren Tannehill—the bombshell wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. It was indeed Lauen’s assault rifle.

Judith said, “She unzipped the bag and said, ‘Oh my God! It's a gun!’”

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked, “Who did you think it belonged to?”

Judith said, “We thought it was maybe a criminal.”

Twenty-six-year-old Lauren first made headlines at the 2012 NFL Draft. Her husband was a first round pick, but Lauren’s striking looks stole the show.

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And she's not only gorgeous, she's also a crack shot. The aspiring model spends lots of time at the gun range, but somehow she forgot she had left the AR-15 in the rental car.

“Obviously she had something else on her mind or whatever,” Judith said.

Judith drove to the nearest police station and dropped off the gun. Lauren was notified and retrieved it.

Still rattled from the experience, Judith has a message for the absent minded football wife.

Judith said, “I cannot even imagine if a child had found it. You need to be responsible and keep it secure. You can't be leaving it in a rental car for someone to find!”