Hollywood Continues Awards Pace With Critics' Choice Awards

The accolades and snubs continued in Hollywood at the Critics' Choice Awards where Sandra Bullock made a memorable speech. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the stars on the red carpet.

Miss Congeniality herself, Sandra Bullock, cursed on live TV.

It happened during the Critics Choice Awards when Bullock was interrupted during her acceptance speech for Best Actress in an action movie.  

Bullock said, "I would like to"—then came the interruption of an announcement—"What the (blank)? I'm an action hero. You do not do that to an action hero."

It was a big night for the film 12 Years a Slave, which took home the award for Best Picture. The film's break out star and new Hollywood "it girl," Lupita Nyong'o also won. She got a rousing reception as she accepted her award for Best Supporting Actress.

"Thank you. I'm a little terrified," she admitted. "I'm so honored to be here."

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The moment brought Oprah Winfrey close to tears. Nyong'o actually beat out Winfrey. Obviously, there are no hard feelings. Winfrey instagrammed a photo with the caption: "My favorite photo of the night."

Oprah Winfrey looked carefree, posing for pictures with close friend Julia Roberts. She also shared a hug with Leonardo DiCaprio.  

Just yesterday, Winfrey was snubbed by the Oscars for a Best Actress nomination for her role in Lee Daniels' The Butler. The snub didn't seem to phase her.  

"It is the most fun. I tell everybody, when I was doing my show, 'enjoy the ride,'" said Winfrey.

And we're hearing from Robert Redford, who was also was snubbed for a Best Actor nod for All Is Lost. He had this to say at a press conference at his Sundance Film Festival: "Would it have been wonderful to be nominated? Of course. But I'm not disturbed by it or upset by it."