Man Restores His Fianceé's Destroyed Teddy Bear

One man brought his soon-to-be wife a moment of total joy when he restored her precious childhood teddy bear. INSIDE EDITION explains.

It was a moment of total joy as a woman received a magical gift that came all the way from her childhood.

She said, "Oh my God, are you serious? Oh my God, it's Whitey!"

You won't believe what one man went through to make it happen.

Priceless is the word for the tale of Jessica Crawford’s teddy bear, Whitey. Photos of her as a kid with braces show her hugging Whitey.

She told INSIDE EDITION "Anytime I cried, I ran to Whitey. He soaked up a lot of tears."

Whitey's nose is missing in an old photo. Over the years, Whitey continued to fall apart.

Jessica said, "His ear was chewed off by a dog, his eyeballs fell out."

So Whitey was packed away. The years passed. Then, Vas Alli had a great idea. He brought Whitey's remains to a doll and teddy bear hospital in New Jersey and asked them to restore Whitey to his former glory.

He said, "We were able to find his original eyes and nose."

Whitey got the same makeover and then, it was magic time.

The camera was rolling on Christmas Eve as Jessica opened her gift. At first, she thought the bear was just a joke!

Vas said, “It's because I love you with all my heart and no one can replace me except for this."

She said, “My next thought was to reach into the box for my real Christmas gift."

Then, it hit her. She said, "I smelled him and knew exactly what it was!"

Jessica told INSIDE EDITION, "To see him put all together was a gift I thought I could never get back."

And kudos to her fiancé for the most thoughtful gift imaginable.