Kate Gosselin And Daughters Address Awkward Interview

Following their cringe-worthy appearance on the Today show last week, Kate Gosselin and her daughters were on The View to talk about those silent moments. INSIDE EDITION explains.

On Monday, Kate Gosselin and her teenage twins, Maddy and Cara, went on The View for their first national TV appearance since that cringe-worthy silent interview on the Today show last week.

So, were they more talkative on The View?

Barbara Walters asked the teens, "Do you ever resent them? Do you feel they are getting too much attention?"

Kate replied, "Maddy, you waited your whole life for this question!"

Maddy then joked, "You ruined my dramatic silence."

It was clear Kate didn't want any more moments of awkward silence, so she often prompted her 13-year-old daughters to speak up.

Kate told her kids, "Go for it!"

They did seem much less camera shy, especially Maddy, when she joked about her sextuplet siblings saying, "It is not even just the group. It is just every single one of them."

There was one question that did cause the twins to go quiet. Walters asked, "Do you still see your father?" They didn’t respond.

Jon Gosselin spoke to INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent exclusively about his relationship with his twin daughters.

Jon said, "Maddy and Cara don't go to my house that much."

Trent asked, "How often do you see them?”

"I see them when I do custody drop-offs. Kate's been isolating me from them for some time," said Jon.

Maddy and Cara are seeing the funny side of all their family drama.