Chris Christie Reportedly Avoids Fallon-Springsteen Bridgegate Parody

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a longtime Bruce Springsteen fan, reportedly could not bring himself to watch a parody about the recent "Bridgegate" scandal that featured The Boss and Jimmy Fallon. INSIDE EDITION explains.

A comic duet by Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen hit embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie where it really hurts.

The New York Times reports the governor could not bring himself to watch the parody of “Born To Run,” about the Bridgegate scandal because the Jersey-born Springsteen is his idol. Christie has attended 132 Springsteen concerts.

He even sang a Springsteen song with Fallon on his show in 2012. Fallon gave Christie a heads up he was about to be skewered by his hero. Although Governor Christie couldn't bear to watch the parody last week, his son, Andrew did and told his dad he thought it was funny.

There was more mockery on Saturday Night Live of the man considered to be the leading Republican candidate for president.
In the parody comedian Bobby Moynihan said, “I won't let this scandal define the state of New Jersey. Instead it will continue to be defined by organized crime, pizza, no-show jobs, a vague chemical smell and "fuggetaboudit!"

As if he didn't have enough to deal with over Bridgegate, Christie now has a fresh scandal to worry about. On Monday, his Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno denied allegations that she threatened to withhold Hurricane Sandy relief money from the city of Hoboken unless she moved forward with a construction project favored by Christie.

She said at a press conference, “Any suggestion that Sandy funds were tied to approval of an project in New Jersey are entirely false.”

Hoboken's Mayor Dawn Zimmer has handed over diary entries to federal prosecutors about the alleged threat. 

"I thought he was honest. I thought he was moral. I thought he was something very different," she said of Christie.