Memorable Moments From The SAG Awards

From barricades coming down to memorable acceptance speeches, INSIDE EDITION was in the middle of the action at the SAG Awards.

There was a scary moment at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, as a metal barricade came crashing down at Julia Roberts' feet!

It happened as eager fans crowded in to shake her hand on the red carpet. Julia stuck around to make sure everybody was okay, and even continued shaking hands.

All in all, the SAG awards were a wild and crazy ride. Oprah was behind-the-scenes getting ready for the big show, saying, "Go SAG!"

Bradley Cooper was on the red carpet and suddenly, a guy fell to his knees and hugged Bradley Cooper around the legs. The prankster's was identified as a Ukranian journalist, and he's an old hand at these sort of hijinks. He once got his face slapped for kissing Will Smith at a movie premiere, and at last year's Grammy Awards he crashed the stage with Jennifer Lopez.

Cooper took it all in stride, helping the guy to his feet before going inside to win the biggest award of the night with his fellow actors from American Hustle, Best Cast in a movie.

Watch IE's Red Carpert Coverage From the SAG Awards

And how about the nutty outer-space acceptance speech by Matthew McConaughey for Best Actor in Dallas Buyers Club?

McConaughey said at the podium, "It feels like, if they could put a blind fold on you and put you in a space ship and take you to Neptune and you could hop off on the planet."

Minutes later, Cate Blanchett won Best Actress for her role in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine.  When they tried to cut her speech short, she got a big laugh at McConaughey's expense saying, "Twenty-nine seconds? Matthew McConaughey spoke about Neptune and I think I can have five seconds."

Jennifer Lawrence had this to to say about her Dior couture gown, "Armpit vagina. It's just awful." She had a wardrobe malfunction!

And there was something you don't see every day, an actor calling his mother, "The hottest date in town." That's what Jared Leto said during his acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor in Dallas Buyer's Club.

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Leto and his mom on the red carpet and Leto said, "My mom has really been a powerful example for me and I'm super proud to be able to take her."

Moret said to Leto's mom, "You were looking at your son like every mom looks at their son, with such love."

Leto's mother said, "I adore him. He's so talented. He's amazing."

And talk about scene-stealing. Emma Thompson was photo-bombing Lupida Nyong'o, Best Supporting Actress winner for 12 Years a Slave.

Well, that's show biz, where the main thing is to always go out with a bang.