Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson's INSIDE EDITION Connection

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson may be Super Bowl bound but this rising star has a connection to INSIDE EDITION thanks to his aunt April Woodard.

Former INSIDE EDITION correspondent April Woodard is thrilled for a good reason. Her nephew is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who just led his team to the Super Bowl.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander told Woodard, "Your nephew is going to the Super Bowl!"

Woodard said, "I am laying on cloud nine right now. I am sitting on cloud nine!"

Regular viewers of INSIDE EDITION will remember Woodard as one of our most popular correspondents. She has covered all sorts of stories for INSIDE EDITION. Now, she's a professor of journalism at Hampton University in Virginia. But no story she ever covered equals the joy she felt as she watched her beloved nephew become a breakout star for the Seahawks at age 25.

Russell stands just 5’11” and he's the shortest quarterback in the NFL. But he's fast as lightning, and blessed with a golden arm.

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Woodard said, "He said, 'You know I was put here for the smaller man. The smaller person. The underdog.'"

Athletics is in the family's DNA. His dad, Harrison Wilson, April’s brother, played baseball and football at Dartmouth back in the 70's.  

Alexander asked, "Did Russell start playing football with his dad at age four?"

Woodard said, "There are stories going back when Russell was very, very small and he would be throwing the football to his bigger brother and to his dad. That is kind of how he got the quarterback position because he is the guy who throws."

Tragically, in 2010, Harrison died of complications from diabetes.  
Woodard said, "Every time Russell comes out, he is introduced, he points up because he is saying hello to his dad and letting him know that he is there. Also, it is an acknowledgement to God, he is a big person of faith."

Now, Russell has the Super Bowl in his sights. As for the ladies, we're sorry to report that Russell is spoken for. In 2012 he married his high school sweetheart, Ashton.