NFL's Richard Sherman's Angry Tirade

Seattle Seahawks cornerback exploded into a rage with Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews. INSIDE EDITION has more.

The football hero who led the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl is now under fire for his explosive rant to Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews on live TV.

Erin Andrews didn't know quite what to make of Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman's adreneline-fueled tirade moments after the game.  

Sherman yelled, "Don't you ever talk about me!"

Andrews asked, "Who was talking about you?"

"Crabtree. Don't you open your mouth about the best!" shouted Sherman. "I'm the best corner in the game! When you try me with a reciever like Crabtree, that's the result you're going to get!"

Sherman had just sealed the victory for the Seahawks over the San Francisco 49ers by tipping a pass intended for 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree that was then intercepted.

Sherman got in Crabtree's face right after the play and Crabtree pushed him away with a shove to the helmet. Sherman was still ranting when Andrews spoke to him.

Twitter exploded with criticism of Sherman. A USA Today columnist wrote: "There's a fine line between being clever and playing the fool, and Sherman crossed it."

Sherman managed to calm down by the time he spoke to Live with Kelly and Michael host Michael Strahan who also does commentary for Fox Sports. Strahan said, "I think you scared Erin Andrews half to death."

Andrews, who memorably competed on Dancing With The Stars in 2010 is taking the whole incident in stride. She spoke out today on the Dan Patrick radio show, saying, "He lost his mind and it was awesome, for once. He never threatened me. He never cussed at me or the camera. I was never frightened."

Sherman, a graduate of prestigious Stanford University isn't apologizing for his rant. He just wrote an article under the headline: "To Those Who Would Call Me a Thug Or Worse" on the Sports Illustrated magazine website, saying: "I show passion on the football field, but that's only a small part of who I am. If you want to judge me, I can handle it."