Danica Patrick Bulks Up For New Super Bowl Ad

INSIDE EDITION gained exclusive access as Danica Patrick filmed her new GoDaddy.com ad for the Super Bowl.

What the heck happened to Danica Patrick? She is bulging with He-Man muscles and plowed down a fence and leads a stampede of body builders down the streets of Los Angeles.

Don't worry, her makeover is only temporary. It’s for her new Super Bowl ad.

Only INSIDE EDITION was behind the scenes of her new commercial for GoDaddy.com. The racing beauty's stunning transformation into buffed bodybuilder took a grueling three hours.

First, Patrick had to squeeze into a made-to-order skintight bodysuit. Then came a foam muscle neck. Finally, tan colored makeup is added to create a seamless look.

The $45,000 bodysuit looks incredibly real, complete with protruding veins, but it's a far stretch from Patrick’s own skin.
She said, “It is tough to turn because it is glued to my neck.”

Patrick quickly adjusts to her new Hulk-like physique. It’s all to prep for a big moment when Patrick and rest of her bodybuilding buddies storm a tanning salon.

Past Go Daddy ads have been known for their sexy marketing campaign. Now, they are heating things up in a different way with a pumped up Danica Patrick.

Go Daddy's focus this year is helping small businesses get online and get noticed.